Liquidation to get Financial Freedom from a failing business

Trading’s tough in this economy. Businesses are folding left and right, bogged down by sluggish recovery, suffocating SARS debt, and constant power outages. Perhaps you’re among the struggling, haunted by debts you can’t settle and returns you can’t file. The fear, stress, worry and sleepless nights must be taking a toll. But there’s a way out: liquidation. Liquidation will allow your business to shake off its debts. Your fear, stress and worries should vanish in a snap.  

We can liquidate your business in 5 days and you can stop to worry and sleep at night.

The following is a FACT and has been proven over and over again:

  • Debt (especially SARS) eats your cash flow.
  • Debt (SARS especially) eats your profits.
  • Managing debt that your business cannot pay eats away at your confidence and peace of mind.  
  • Worries and fear of SARS hang over your head 24/7 as you expect the worst.

Liquidation will take care of the above

Here are some compelling reasons why Liquidation is the route to follow to get rid of the above.

  • Liquidation writes off the debt of the business. (*Liquidation does not write off sureties, and it does not write off customs and excise taxes)
  • Once you have liquidated the business you can grow and keep the profits instead of having to pay them to creditors.
  • You will be confident and have peace of mind, which will enable you to confidently build your business.
  • SARS will not be an issue as the debt will be written off (*except for customs and excise taxes).
  • Section 22 of the Companies Act compels you to liquidate a business that cannot pay its debt or where the liabilities exceed the assets.  If the business is not immediately liquidated, the director/member/trustee can be held personally liable for the debt of the business. The sooner, therefore, you liquidate the business, the safer.

Liquidation allows you to keep on trading AND get rid of SARS and other debt

Liquidation stops the problem.  Liquidation frees up your energy as you are not worried and stressed any longer. Liquidation gets rid of SARS and other debt.  It is the shortest route to the quicest solution.