Continue with Business After Liquidation

Is your only source of income a financially struggling company that needs to be liquidated? Are you afraid that liquidating the company you need, even if it’s in financial trouble, will leave you unable to survive?

We can tell you that you can indeed  liquidate a company, clear the debt (including SARS), and still operate the business.! Yes it is indeed possible under South African Law.

Take the opportunity to get rid of business debt AND continue to trade. It is not possible or healthy to try and trade in a company that struggles and you constantly put out fires. Rather get rid of the debt and continue to trade. Ask us how.

There is nothing in our law that  legally prevents a business owner to liquidate several companies and have many more.  You can own and liquidate as many companies as you like.  It is the cornerstone of our economy that business owners be encouraged to trade as it creates employment and keeps our economy strong. If liquidation did not exist, the economy would shrink.

Restructuring before Liquidation is Key

When we assist you, we will also assist you with the Restructuring of your company. 

We offer a unique service.  We assist you with a Restructuring process if required, so that you can continue to trade.  If you do not want to continue to trade we will advise you properly on how to close the complete chapter down. You can also keep assets (*we must talk about this), you can keep staff if you need them and you can keep your clients.


A strong Restructuring Plan enables you to liquidate a debt-ridden company and start anew with a clean slate. We will assist you with this as well plus assist with liquidation.