Liquidation problems and solutions; a summary

Being overburdened by debt while the economy is not improving is very stressful. Liquidation is an excellent tool to get rid of debt so that you continue to trade from a clean slate. 

We are specialist Liquidation Attorneys who have helped over 1500 business owners get rid of debt over the last 17 years. We know how to help you get peace of mind quickly.

The need for Liquidation of a business can be caused by various problems

Maybe :

  • your business owes money to SARS or other creditors that you cannot pay
  • you have staff that you need to get rid of
  • your rent is in arrears and you fear the actions of the landlord
  • you signed personal surety for some of the debt of the business 
  • you fear losing your assets
  •  you have received deposits from clients but cannot complete the work
  • You have lucrative agreements in place that you do not want to lose

As an experienced commercial lawyer who has helped hundreds of business owners by overcoming these challenges with a success rate of 100%, I can help you to:

  • Get rid of debt legally (SARS included)
  • Get rid of staff without paying retrenchment packages
  • Deal with your landlord
  • Address the personal sureties that you have signed
  • Keep your assets
  • Deal with clients who have paid deposits
  • Keep agreements