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Deceased Estates, Wills, Trusts, Property Law

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What we do

Our expertise is to help business owners stay on their feet by restructuring their businesses

We focus on insolvencies, commercial law and also property transactions and deceased estates

We assist individuals as well as big businesses

We handle big and small cases

Who we are

We are a small firm who delivers great service to all our clients equally.

We don’t hide behind our secretaries.

Speak to an attorney directly.

Our Mission

Better service than anybody else (and we really do!).

We give you all the information so that you can make informed decisions.

Our Vision

If our clients are well-informed of the law, they are empowered to help themselves

Our Commitment to our clients

Although Prinsloo & Associates are based in Somerset-West, they work NATIONALLY.

After our consultation, you will not wonder what was advised. You will know exactly as we go out of our way to give you all the correct legal advice

We have great legal knowledge and experience in insolvencies, commercial law, deceased estates, entertainment law and sequestrations.

You really do get our personal attention. Emails are responded to within 24 hours.

If you understand your case better you will make easier decisions.

That is why we go out of our way to give you all the law and advice you need.

We understand the stresses of people with financial problems.

We assure you that we will help you through your difficult period in such a manner that you will feel EXCITED TO CONTINUE.


The information on this website does not constitute legal advice pertaining to any particular case, but it is information on the law in general.  No attorney-client relationship is created by the use of this website, or if you contact Nanika Prinsloo of Prinsloo & Associates (“the firm”) for advice resulting from this website.

You will only become a client of the firm if you hire our services particularly for your matter and pay the required fees, which will be discussed with you at the time of your enquiry. A mere enquiry does not establish an attorney-client relationship, but we need to receive a fee before you can claim this relationship.  It is our policy to first investigate whether you are a suitable client for the firm and whether there are no conflicts of interest.

This website does not intend to give legal advice.  It includes general information about general issues and developments in the law.  Any information on this website is for information purposes only and may not comprehensively cover the law for your particular situation.  We repeat that the legal information contained in this website is not intended as legal advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances.

Photographs used on this website were obtained lawfully and its copyrights are protected by the separate owners of the photographs.

The articles written for this website is copyrighted by the author, Nanika Prinsloo, and may not be reproduced or sold for profit without her explicit written consent.

If you are entrepreneur who experiences financial problems and are worried that you will not be able to get rid of the problem AND continue to trade, we can assist you with just that.

It is possible to continue with trade while you get rid of the financial problem.

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