Liquidating a company

Many business owners that we assist are terrified of going through the liquidation process. They don’t understand the benefits of liquidating a company.  Perhaps you have the same fear. Perhaps you fear that you are going to lose your business. It may be that you fear you will lose your assets if you liquidate your business

The best way to learn about how Liquidation can help you , speak to a Liquidation Specialist Attorney.

Liquidation need not be a negative experience

Liquidation is not a negative experience. In fact, liquidation is only one leg of the restructuring process to help take a business owner out of harm’s way.  

We can assure you that you can liquidate your company to get rid of debt and legally keep your assets while you continue to trade.

We are experienced insolvency lawyers who have helped hundreds of business owners. Our company has helped owners to do better business after liquidation because we empower them with knowledge. We have restructured their business in such a manner that they are better protected than before the liquidation.

What are the benefits of liquidating a company?

Benefits? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  There can be benefits to liquidating a company!  We can also tell you that there are actually more benefits to liquidating a company than trying to keep a company that cannot pay its debt. There are certainly benefits to liquidation if your company is experiencing financial difficulties.

Keeping a company that is under financial pressure takes hard work and all your attention, it eats up all your cash flow. The stress gnaws at you and sucks up energy needed to put out fires. This leaves very little energy. Your focus is gone and there is little time left for what you should be doing which is growing your business.

This is the benefit of liquidation – instead of putting your energy and attention in a black hole, liquidation arrests the problems almost immediately, which allows for your energy and attention to go back to where they should be. We can restructure the company so that you can continue to trade (without the debt) and keep your assets and staff. It is all in the process and we will help you to navigate the difficult practicalities of financial pressure.