We are liquidation lawyers who assist small and big business owners to stay on their feet when their businesses can’t pay its debt


We are commercial lawyers who assist individuals as well as big companies with the legalities of life


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Insolvency Lawyer


Nanika is a lawyer and conveyancer. She focuses on insolvencies, commercial law, trusts and asset protection. She is very skillful in helping business owners make complicated decisions. She has expanded her legal knowledge by obtaining aa postgraduate diploma in Financial Planning. This compliments the legal advice she gives on financial matters of both individuals and businesses. She is also thoroughly skilled in liquor licenses, deceased estates and litigation.

Nanika Prinsloo of Prinsloo & Associates attorneys is a sole practitioner, who works in association with a colleague, Johann Viljoen of Johann Viljoen & Associates.  Nanika is a corporate lawyer with special focus on insolvencies (liquidation and sequestration). Her clients vary from big business to small business owners or sole proprietors, as well as individuals. She also coaches business owners on getting through difficult periods in their businesses.

She helps clients make strategic decisions to move from a negative situation to a positive one. She has helped thousands of business owners navigate through difficult periods by assisting with restructuring, liquidating, protecting assets so that the business owners can continue with a successful business.

She works holistically and her ethos is to share as much information as possible. With legal knowledge you can make informed decisions and loose fear. Nanika steps forward and takes her clients’ hands. She takes swift action and guide her clients through the legal process of whatever the instruction is.

Make no mistake, client’s vary from sole proprietors to multi-national companies. Business law (or Commercial Law as it is better known) is a complicated field of our law but happens every day in every sphere of the world. Business owners should know how the law affects their businesses, their decision making, their assets and their lives. Nanika is at her best when she can give holistic guidance to a client so that they immediately see that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. She is directly accessible and available and does not hide behind a switchboard or secretary. She wants to help you. She wants to solve your problem. She will give you the best advice that you can hope for.

Nanika’s background:  She held a bursary with the Department of Justice in the late 1980’s and was while she studied, worked in the Magistrate’s Court where she was rotated in various positions as part of her training, inter alia as clerk of the civil court, the criminal court, the maintenance court and worked as a prosecutor.

Nanika left the employment of the Department of Justice to article so that she can become an attorney. During her article period, she was fortunate to be exposed to all areas of the law. As a result of this exposure, she has broad legal knowledge and experience. Business law (Commercial Law) and Insolvency Law (liquidations and sequestrations) are the two areas of the law that stayed in Nanika’s particular interest. Commercial Law (Business Law) is a very important part of nearly everything we do and it is therefore important to have a good lawyer that can assist with this. Nanika gladly educates, motivates and coaches her clients so that they successfully protect their assets, get rid of debt and in the future manage their debt so that they can run their businesses without fear.


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