Mr and Mrs Z were clients of ours who experienced serious financial problems.(insert the read more here)

They were very stressed and worried when they consulted with us.  During their consultation they were fully informed of their options and this helped them to make a better decision.  The decision they made was to sequestrate. 

The facts of their matter were as follows:

They owned a house that was bonded by ABC bank for R1million. The other debt they had was R200 000.  They had a car that was fully paid and household furniture.

Mr and Mrs Z were very worried that they will lose everything they own and not be left with anything.

When we sequestrated them, the following happened:

  • The house was sold an auction for R850 000.  The bank was paid the R850 000. The balance of R150 000 was written off. The bank can never claim it from Mr and Mrs Z.
  • Mr and Mrs Z purchased their motor vehicle and furniture back from the curator after the sequestration. They arranged with the curator to pay these amounts of over a period of 6 months. Since they had no debt to pay any longer, they could afford to pay for these assets. The assets stayed in their possession and the curator did not take it from them.
  • Mr and Mrs Z stayed in their house for a period of 4 months until the curator gave them notice to move out of the house. For the four months they did not pay any rent. This gave them the opportunity to find a good rental home and put the deposit together.


Mr and Mrs Z’s story is just one of our hundreds of clients that we have sequestrated that brought an end to their problems and enabled them to have financial freedom so that they can create a future for them and their children.

We understand the process well.

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