We specialize in the transfer of property, drafting of agreements, drafting of rental agreements and any litigation ensuing from these transactions


The transactions referred to on this website refer to selling and buying,

development, rentals, renovations and conflict about properties transactions.

We draft all contracts relating to any transaction of any kind, register transfers,

prepare developments, and handle litigation about conflicts that arise from property transactions.

How are properties transferred


The property is transferred by a conveyancer, who is an attorney who has written a special exam to be able to do property transfers.

Starting with the sale agreement signed between the seller and the buyer, the conveyancer drafts all the documents and take all the steps necessary.

Once all the steps were completed and all the documents obtained, the conveyancer hands in the documents at the Deeds Office,

after which the transfer is registered by the Deed’s office.


Time period for a property transfer


If all goes well a property transfer can take 4 to 6 weeks,

but usually there are bonds to be cancelled and payments to be made.

If there are the usual delays (slow banks, slow Deeds office, clients who delay etc) ,

it seems that the new 4 – 6 weeks is 3 months.

Costs of transfer

The conveyancer gets paid by the purchaser.

The transfer costs includes the fee of the conveyancer,

as well as fees for the deed’s office and usually VAT.

The fee is prescribed and is based on the value of the property.

Transfer duty

This is a tax payable to the government by each purchaser of a equity.

It is prescribed by legislation and is calculated on the value of each of the properties.

If the Seller is NOT registered for VAT, transfer duty is payable.


We have the expertise and the experience to handle any transfer of any property type, draft any agreement

relating to any transaction and litigate about any problem of any kind.


If the seller is registered for VAT, the seller will by VAT and then there is no transfer duty payable.

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