Empower Law – We are out of the ordinary and our clients say that it is a pleasure to do business with us.

We give you step-by-step guidance, de-mystify the law for you and make sure that you understand at all times what is happening.

Financial Problems

If you personally have debt that you cannot pay, or if your business has too much debt or owes SARS monies, we can help you get rid of the debt with insolvency.  We restructure your life and your business in such a manner that you do not have to pay the debt AND can continue with whatever you were doing before the sequestration. We have helped hundreds of people start new lives and carry on with business and life without their debt.

Entertainment Law

Any person involved in any shape and form in the entertainment industry, need our Entertainment Law expertise. (film, television or fashion industry, sports persons, sports agents, sports clubs, magazine publishers, authors, distributors, book publishers, printers, bands, orchestras, choirs, song-writers and more).

Wills and Deceased Estates

Everybody needs to do financial planning and need a will.  Nanika has a post-graduate diploma in financial planning as well, and can therefore do a holistic financial planning session when she drafts your will.

If you have lost a loved one and need legal assistance to wind up the deceased estate, you need compassionate legal assistance during a difficult time.  We hold your hand while we deal with the estate legally and professionally.


Rely on our logic, tenacity and excellent knowledge of the law when it comes to drafting your contracts, or when you sell your business or need assistance with any legal side of your business. If you have difficult decisions to make, we can assist with that too.


If you have sold your property, we assist you with the negotiations and draft an agreement free of charge. We transfer as fast as possible.

Liquor Licenses

We assist with applications for all types of liquor licenses, no matter where you are.

We have about 20 years’ experience, so we know what we are doing.

We are all-rounders with great experience. We love what we do. We will always give you the best advice that is in your interest.

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